Kris Kross “I Missed The Bus”

01 I Missed The Bus (Backwards To School Radio Version) 03:03
02 I Missed The Bus (Backwards To School Extended Version) 04:50
03 I Missed The Bus (School Krossing Mix) 03:00
04 I Missed The Bus (LP Version) 03:01
05 I Missed The Bus (Instrumental) 03:01

» Played at The Bank: “I Missed The Bus” (Backwards To School Extended Version)

I know what you’re thinking. And I thought the exact same thing every time Bobby Startup played this crap at The Bank. As best as I can figure, Bobby’s multiple spins of Kris Kross’ third single were attributable to one of the following:

a) He lost a bet
b) He was being ironic
c) He was doing the local Columbia rep a favor
d) He was clearing the dancefloor to keep the bartenders busy
e) All of the above

Rest assured that I’m just as embarrassed to post this as you would be to download it ;-) Anyway, just think of it as me clearing the dancefloor. So go mix yourself a cocktail.



6 responses to “Kris Kross “I Missed The Bus”

  1. 2 Unlimited and then Kriss Kross? Are you sure? I’m beginning to think this Bank place wasn’t all it’s made out to be 80)

    • Ha! I did think twice about posting two crappy singles back to back but did it anyway. Actually, this is a fair reflection of Bobby Startup’s occasional inconsistency with track selection – he had some off nights, to be sure. But when he programmed properly, the place was on fire.

      More good stuff (and crap) is on the way…

  2. LOL! Your story makes it all that much better…keep the memories & stories coming! I had a few tracks back in the day that I played due to several of those reasons. ;)

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