Various Artists “THE BANK”

The Bank Vol 01 (Front)

From the vaults of one of Philadelphia’s old, esteemed nightclubs, THE BANK: a three-part retrospective of tunes inspired by the DJ sets of longtime resident Bobby Startup.

In the late-1980s and throughout the 1990s, THE BANK was a popular destination for the Philly nightlife community. This collection conjures a halcyon era when dance music was memorable and fun, and clubs were hedonistic temples for worshiping the groove.

» Compiled and sequenced by Shelf, channeling the record selection of DJ Bobby Startup.
» Cheers to our comrade Andrei for sonic assistance and ‘getting the balance right’—in terms of both volume levels and tracklist decisions.
» Very special thanks to graphic design guru Harry3 for crafting the covers—his gritty, minimalist approach perfectly captures THE BANK’s physical essence.

Now open your mind, dance your ass off, and rock the party…

The Bank Vol 01 (Rear)

The Bank Vol 02 (Rear)

The Bank Vol 03 (Rear)

BANK100-1  |  BANK100-2  |  BANK100-3


Moby “Go”


01 Go (Radio Edit) 03:38
02 Go (Rainforest Mix) 05:20
03 Go (Subliminal Mix) 04:27
04 Go (Woodtick Mix) 06:33
05 Go (Soundtrack Mix) 05:17
06 Go (Original Mix) 06:13


01 Go (Delirium Mix) 06:08
02 Go (Arpathoski Mix) 06:05
03 Go (Video Mix) 03:38
04 Go (Amphetamix) 05:34
05 Go (In Dub Mix) 07:21
06 Go (Barracuda Mix) 04:56

» Played at The Bank: “Go” (Woodtick Mix)

A distant relative of Moby-Dick author Herman Melville, Richard Melville Hall was given the nickname Moby by his parents. Hall’s music career began in 1982, slinging an axe for hardcore band Vatican Commandos. His next venture was fronting short-lived new wave trio AWOL in 1984. Other more experimental projects followed, and by the end of the 1980s, Hall had gravitated toward electronic-based production work. Signed to New York label Instinct Records in the early 1990s, Hall released several singles under various aliases: Barracuda, Brainstorm, U.H.F., and Voodoo Child. His first single as Moby was the “Mobility” EP, featuring the original version of “Go” on the B-side. A remixed version of “Go” issued in 1991 became a worldwide hit and made Moby a rising star of electronic dance music.


Yazz “The Only Way Is Up”


01 The Only Way Is Up (Extended Club Mix) 06:51
02 The Only Way Is Up (The Up Up Up Mix) 07:02
03 The Only Way Is Up (Acid Dub) 05:52
04 The Only Way Is Up (7″ Edit) 04:01

» Played at The Bank: “The Only Way Is Up” (Extended Club Mix)

Vocalist Yasmin ‘Yazz’ Evans guested on Coldcut’s 1988 UK Top 10 single, “Doctorin’ The House”; subsequently, Matt Black and Jonathan More produced Yazz’s debut single, “The Only Way Is Up.” Originally recorded by Otis Clay in 1980, “The Only Way Is Up” was a massive hit for Yazz during the summer of 1988.


The Farm “Groovy Train”


01 Groovy Train (12″ Mix) 06:22
02 Groovy Train (7″ Mix) 04:19
03 Groovy Train (The Bootle Mix) 04:34
04 Groovy Train (Jumped At 3:30 AM Mix) 04:03

» Played at The Bank: “Groovy Train” (12″ Mix)

The Farm’s baggy hit “Groovy Train” was produced by Madness frontman Graham ‘Suggs’ McPherson and Mark Saunders. Featuring mixes by Saunders and Terry Farley, the 1990 single peaked at 6 on the UK Singles Chart and 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100.